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I'm in full agreement and it's refreshing to read a piece that doesn't echo the collective delusion about the benefits of American hegemonic control of the world order. I'd like to share my collection of files on PMC. I am a Brazilian socialist (we'd call it something different but it works) and I've seen this monster niche grow since Reagan destroyed the Central American dream. I also know KBR really well. If you want to keep in touch, let me know. And thank you.


Our father, José Moacyr Vianna Coutinho, died this morning, in his home, after a difficult period in which he fought a respiratory deficiency and an infection. He was born on April 4, 1924, and was 97 years old when he died. As a scientist, our father was a pioneer in the Earth Sciences in Latin America and it is safe to say that he dedicated more than 60 years to educating new geologists, to the solution of geological puzzles and to carving a space for science in Brazil. …

Nota de falecimento

Nosso pai, José Moacyr Vianna Coutinho, faleceu hoje de manhã em casa depois de um período difícil lutando com uma infecção e deficiência respiratória. Nascido no dia 4 de abril de 1924, nosso pai tinha 97 anos ao falecer. Pioneiro nas ciências da terra na América Latina, é seguro dizer que mais de 60 anos foram dedicados à educação de novos geólogos, à solução de enigmas científicos e ao estabelecimento de um espaço para a ciência no Brasil. …

By Vladimir from New York, NY — Black Lives Matter, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=91685740

Since the inauguration, the Biden-Harris administration has been taking bold measures to fix the interconnected crises that were pushed into a major catastrophe by the Trump cabal. Cabinet members have actual technical qualification and experience to show, strong action to control the pandemic was taken and the US has finally joined everybody else in agreeing that neoliberal economic policies are self-defeating. There is great enthusiasm about these measures and Biden has been celebrated as a true savior, compared to the greatest reformists in history and even praised as a crypto-revolutionary under a moderate disguise.

Of course, that is just silly…

A Woman Holding a Balance, 1662–1665 , Johannes Vermeer

Facebook has historically been a safe haven for conservative and far right groups. They have not only used the platform to spread misinformation, to radicalize their base but also to make a lot of money.

After the attempted Coup incited by former president Trump on January the 6th, when a right wing extremist mob stormed the Capitol, causing the death of five people, with help from the inside, the liability line was crossed. Zuckerberg published a note on Facebook explaining why Trump’s account had been suspended indefinitely.

A few days after that, Facebook took restrictive measures against several progressive pages

Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in NASA’s training mockup of the Moon and the Apollo Lunar Module. Conspiracy theorists say that the films of the missions were made using sets similar to this training mockup. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under Photo ID: GPN-2002–000032

Ross Duathat published an article on the New York Times asking “Why Do So Many Americans Think the Election Was Stolen?” and suggesting a few answers. It’s an interesting article but doesn’t bring anything new to the table. I also think it is dangerous (and methodologically weak, or even flawed) to look into a trend happening inside a given nation-state out of the global context. And the global context shows two important things that are a big part of the explanation:

1) We are living an autocratizing long-term trend in the world and it is achieving a peak now.


Public Domain, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17802685

Brazil celebrates its Black Consciousness day on November the 20th. On November the 19th, this year, at the eve of the social movement’s chief date, João Alberto Silveira Freitas, a 40 year old black man, was tortured and murdered by two white men at the chain store Carrefour, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. The two white men were a security guard and a policeman working a side hustle at the store.

João Alberto was taken to the parking lot, beaten up and asphyxiated to death. The chain store released a statement lamenting the customer’s death and severing ties…

By The Associated Press • Published October 28, 2020

On October the 26th, there was an Ice storm in Oklahoma City. There is always a storm in Oklahoma City (OKC), neither the only energy company, OG&E, nor my internet provider are all that great, so it’s normal to have to give up on work and just chill. In the beginning of the afternoon, however, the power went off and never came back on.

We left the house and drove around. The eerie scene had a tragic beauty to it: all the trees in the city were covered with a layer of ice which made them look like glass sculptures…

By Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States — Supreme Court, Public Domain

“RBG is gone”, he said, as he woke me up. I started crying. That’s not the strange part. The strange part is that it was surprising that the death of an admired and beloved public figure caused pain and grief. It felt strange to know why I was crying.

I’ve been out of touch with how I feel for a long time, busy that I am interpreting and explaining things. I explain that some of the things that horrify my students and friends are not surprising. In fact, they are remarkably unsurprising and expected. …

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Crotalus adamanteus at Louisville Zoo — Wikicommons

A picada de cobra mais letal do mundo não é de nenhuma daquelas maravilhas perigosas da Austrália, de algum lugar desconhecido da África Sub-sahariana ou da Amazônia. A picada mais letal do mundo é a picada da cascavel Norte Americana. Motivo: mesmo com seguro médico, o sistema de saúde norte-americano pode mandar uma conta de mais de US$150.000,00 pelo tratamento de uma picada de cascavel. É letal porque se você for picado você tem duas opções: recusar o tratamento e morrer ou aceitar o tratamento e lentamente ter sua vida desmantelada pelo peso da dívida. Dívida é incentivada nos Estados…

Marilia Coutinho

Writer, health educator and science popularizer out of Oklahoma City. A secularist, a rule of law kind of person and a friend to all things true.

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